Brittany Coats, PhD
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Adjunct Assoc Professor, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Adjunct Assoc Professor, Bioengineering
Office: 2012 MEK
Phone: 801-585-0586
email:  brittany.coats@utah.edu

Graduate Students

PhD Students


 Mitch Metcalf Robert ‘Mitch’ Metcalf – Mechanical Engineering
email:  r.metcalf@utah.edu
Research:  Skull fracture mechanics of pediatric bone

Joseph Phillips – Mechanical Engineering
email: phillipsj97@gmail.com
Research:  Microstructure and mechanics of the vitreoretinal interface

Yousef Alsanea – Mechanical Engineering
Research:  Effect of skull thickness variability on skull fracture patterns.
Emma Luke – Mechanical Engineering
email: emma.luke@utah.edu
Research:  Collagen hybridizing peptide: diagnostic and drug delivery potential in traumatic brain injury.

Masters Students 


Kyle O’Sullivan
email:  kyle.osullivan@utah.edu
Research:  Computational modeling to improve the biocompatibility and longevity of brain-computer interfaces.

Research Engineers

Christopher ‘Kiffer’ Creveling, Ph.D.
email:  kiffer.creveling@gmail.com
Research:  Mechanical characterization of the vitreoretinal interface.

Undergraduate Students

Nathan Bartlett – Mechanical engineering
Research:  Three-dimensional analysis of skull fracture patterns