New Project to Investigate Progressive PAC Damage

Dr. Coats recently received NSF funding to investigate progresssive damage at the brain-skull interface. The study involves high-rate testing and imaging of repeated loading in the subarachnoid trabeculae and blood vessels. Constituitve formulations of damage progression will be created and integrated into our multi-scale computational framework to predict progresssion of brain strain during repeated head...

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DOJ Funds Skull Fracture Research

The Department of Justice recently awarded the lab funding to characterize the fracture mechanics of infant cranial bone. Dr. Coats (PI), in collaboration with Dr. Ashley Spear ( and Dr. Susan Margulies (UPENN), will develop a computational framework to predict skull fracture patterns following head impact in infants. The work will involve microscale characterization of the fracture...

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New Funding to Mitigate Risk of Concussion

The Smart and Connected Health Program through the National Science Foundation recently awarded our team (in collaboration with several others) a grant titled Reducing Traumatic Brain Injury Risk with Smart Collision Detection and Mitigation. The grant began September 1, 2016 and will be focused on ,developing technology to better sense head impact information (velocity, direction), alert...

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Knights Templar Check Presentation

Following a seminar titled Pediatric Ocular Mechanics: The Elephant in the Room, the Utah Commandery of Knights Templar presented a check to the Pediatric Injury Biomechanics Lab on behalf of the Knights Templar Eye Foundation.  The check will support research characterizing the material properties of pediatric ocular tissues.  It’s our hope that these data...

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Department of Defense

DOD Awards $1 Million VPR Grant

The Department of Defense Vision Research Program has awarded the lab a $1 million dollar grant to investigate long term ocular injury from blast exposure! The interdisciplinary 4-year project will investigate ocular trauma using clinical evaluations and experimental animal models.  The project will support 2 graduate students for 4 years.  We are very excited to...

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Red Brain

Wonderful Month of Funding

Great news this month! TWO small grants were awarded! Pediatric TBI from repetitive head rotation was funded by the generous support of the Primary Children’s Medical Center Foundation.Quantification of collagen dissolution in the immature eye from plasmin protealase was funded by the generous support of the University of Utah Research Foundation. Both grants will provide funding for preliminary data...

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